Legion | How to setup a Virtual Machine using VMware – Installing backtrack on VMware

Hello Everyone!
So for the following tutorial I’ll be using VMware Work Station 7 & BackTrack 5 R3.
Downloads can be found in the below –


Ok so after you’re done with downloading both of the files let’s start with the installation!
First you want to install VMWare Work station, After you’ve installed it’ll ask for a serial key, open the keygen.exe copy a random key and paste it in the box, click Next and you’re done!
after you’ve installed it, it’ll ask you to re-start your computer, click yes for your computer safety.
now it should show up in your menu bar or where ever you saved it in.
Open it, After you’ve opened it, it should look like this :


Now let’s create our machine!

Click File>New>Virtual Machine


or just click Ctrl+N
Now this window should pop-up :

I’ll be choosing typical, you can choose Custom and install only what you want.
After you’ve clicked Next this window should pop up :

Just click “I will install the operation system later”(last one).
Now this will show up :


I’ll be using backtrack so I’ll be using Linux>Other linux 2.6.x kernel.
like this :


Now click next, after you did a window asking for the name of the machine, I’ll be using “Back Track 5 – Tutorial”
like this :


Now after we clicked next it’ll ask us how much GB you’d like to give the machine, make it around 30GB depends on what you’re planning to do with the machine.
so yeah, after you chose the GB limit click next and then this window should show up :


After it popped out click “Customize Hardware” as we still haven’t even picked our machine yet.
after you clicked it this window should pop-up :


You’ll want to give your machine a bit more of Memory so it won’t be too laggy, I’ll be using 1024MB as I don’t have much RAM but doesn’t matter, moving on.
Now you’ll want to remove the floppy disk, simply just click it and click the Remove button.
after you’ve done that we’ll want to choose our .ISO file (in this case BackTrack 5 R3)
so click “New CD/DVD (IDE)” and now this window will pop up :


now click “Use ISO image file:” click browse and search for the ISO file you’ve downloaded earlier, again I’ll be using back track.
after you chose the image file click “Ok” and “Finish”
Now it should show up in your Favorites tab on the sidebar.
click “Power on this virtual machine” and it should start up the machine.
now it’ll ask you how you want to boot on the machine, I’ll just choose the basic one(first one).
now after the machine showed up it should look like this :


after it showed up type “startx”
and then hit enter.
this should start up the machine and after it started up it should show up.
now you might want to change the monitor options as it’s too small >.<
so just click System>Preferences>Monitors

just choose your monitor resolution and click Apply.
after you got this done you’ll want to install BackTrack, the installation file should be already in the machine, just click on it(it might take a few seconds to show up), choose the installation language, choose your Time Zone, choose the language you’d like the keyboard to use,and click Install, it’ll take a couple minutes till it’s done with the installation, when it’s down it’ll probably ask you to reboot the machine, just click yes and after you’ve re-booted it’ll ask for a username & password
root & toor are the basic ones.
& password = toor(can be changed)
and again type startx to start up the machine.
That’s it!
you’re done!
Thanks for reading this tutorial, if you have any questions / need any help feel free to PM me.
See ya next time! YES