[HOWTO]Dual-Boot into Backtrack – UNetbootin – Easy way!![HOWTO]

Intro: Well I was my self looking for how to dual boot, since I found these wired ways to do it !!! – well never figure it out how to 😛 – but now I have THE ULTIMATIVE SOLUTION FOR YOU !

Well here is the steps !

1) – Download from here 
For windows UNetbootin: Click here – For Windows UNetbootin Direct download!
For Linux : Click here – For Linux UNetbootin Direct download!
2 ) Select which version you are going to install ! – and find the ISO image …
3) Before press okay ! – Make sure you have selected in TYPE: Harddisk
4) Press OK
5) Reboot your Computer ! –

When you see the black screen with you can choose between the 2 OS – Choose Backtrack 😉 

Now Congratz !, you just extracted & dual installed Backtrack!! 


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