Best universities in the United Kingdom

Those from Exeter (9th) and Imperial College (8th) also obtained impeccable marks in the rankings. The University of Warwick, in seventh place, has seen a big rise, as has the University of Durham, which rises from eighth to sixth place. Unfortunately, University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin, among other universities in Ireland, have been left out of the list, although they could feature prominently in the future.

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Top 5 UK Universities

1st – University of Cambridge . Founded in 1209, this university located in the English city of Cambridge has an outstanding international reputation, thanks to the excellence of its educational system. Some of the brightest minds in the field of science, the arts and politics have been trained in its classrooms, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin or Stephen Hawking. A compelling reason that helps you understand your position on this list.

2nd – University of Oxford . This collegiate university, located in the English city of the same name, prides itself on being the oldest not only in the UK but also in the world. Since 1096, its 38 independent faculties have hosted millions of students, including David Cameron, Hugh Grant and John Tavener, to name the most recent. Like Cambridge, Oxford has a well-earned elitist reputation, although in recent decades academic merits have been prioritized above all else. This is demonstrated by the promotion of scholarships and the growing presence of students from public schools.

3rd – University of St Andrews . In the Scottish town of Saint Andrews, this public institution has 8,400 students and more than five centuries of history. Its small size, which only allows it to have four faculties, have not prevented it from achieving great popularity, being the British center with the largest number of American students.

4th – University of Surrey . One of the great surprises of this ranking has been the university located in Surrey county, which rises from sixth to fourth place. The education and professional preparation offered by its faculties have earned it international recognition. Jeremy Kyle, Eduardo de Kent or the physicist Jim Al-Khalili have been trained at this center.

5th – University of Bath . This 1856 university, also in England, welcomes 14,000 students, has the honorable Royal Charter, and is one of the most coveted student options on five continents. Innovation and professional development are the spearhead of its educational program. Athlete Dennis Bergkamp and physicists Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs are among his former stud