Singapore Visa


Singapore is one of the world’s most astounding complaints. Set on Malay Peninsula’s southern tip, this little island city-state parades a thriving and dynamic metropolitan environment stacked up with all that you could need a splendid event or work trip. At Rayna Tours, our gathering of target specialists offers assistance to make your Singapore visit an astounding experience – consummately planning all your development necessities including underwriting of visa, comfort, visiting, air terminal trades, etc

All EU (European Union) nationals notwithstanding the inhabitants of countries like Australia, US, Switzerland, Norway, and South Korea can value a without visa area, close by a 90-day stay in Singapore. Various personalities avoided from this once-over will require an authentic visa to enter Singapore and fall under one of these two classes: Assessment Level 1 or Assessment Level II Countries. Despite which class you have a spot with, our visa experts will pass on moderate and quick choices to encourage your Singapore visa while taking out the chances of its excusal.

Whether or not you need uphold with single entry or distinctive segment visas, we are free on constant reason to ensure that your requests on Singapore visa application are throughout obliged with clear answers and suggestions.   balance ‘Energetic Enquiry’ structure, or even make a choice to get some answers concerning our visa organizations.

Visa Documents

Clients Documents

Considerable UAE home Visa with 30 days authenticity

Remarkable Passport Required (half year authenticity with at any rate two clear page)

2 Recent Photograph with White Background (3.5*4.5 CM) (shouldn’t facilitate with past visa or recognizable proof)

Welcome letter is required For Level 2 country’s (Invitation charges will be extra )


  1. Application convenience at Singapore Embassy
  2. Application Form Filling help
  3. Check of Documents
  4. Flight and Hotel Booking help
  5. Phenomenal Note
  6. Event Packages available including flight, dwelling, visiting and moves
  7. Remarkable Passport will be kept at government office for venturing reason

Organization Fees and Visa costs is non-refundable if there ought to be an event of excusal

Certified Return air ticket and motel voucher is required at the air terminal during visit to Singapore

Level 1 Country

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, People’s Republic of China, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan*, Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity and Holders of Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Travel Permit *Commonwealth of Independent States.

Level 2 Country

Algeria,Bangladesh.Egypt,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Kosovo,Lebanon,Libya,Mali,Morocco,Nigeria,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Somalia,Sudan,Syria,Tunisia,Yemen.

Guidelines to APPLY

You ought to just interface with the specialists of Rayna visits and we will manage your entire visa planning and convenience at the department.

Get second help with ace delegates and get alleviated with all the Visa planning stresses. Basically contact Rayna visits. Connect with us at: or Whatsapp on +971 561147879

From time to time Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is it necessary for me to obtain a visa to enter Singapore?

Visa is necessary for all UAE occupants with multi personalities to take off to Singapore.

Do infant youngsters and kids anticipate that visa should enter Singapore?

All infants similarly as youngsters going with their UAE Citizen parent will require a visa to enter the Singapore.

How is it possible that I would apply for a Singapore visa from another country?

Just UAE Citizens can apply for International visas with us, send us enquiry at

What are the upsides of applying for visa through Rayna Tours?

By arriving at Rayna Tours for your visa application needs, you can clear out the prerequisite for a local help in the Singapore. Irrelevant documentation quick getting ready is one a greater amount of the key highlights. In most case, the visa getting ready takes just four to five working days.

What are the different kinds of visa that I can apply for in UAE?

Dependent upon the range or number of days you wish to spend in Singapore, different sorts of visas fuse traveler visa, travel visa, and visit visa.

Would I have the option to book my ticket preceding applying for visa?

In fact, you can book your passes to Singapore before applying or treatment of visa, But for insisting same you can ask to our visa topic specialists.

What measure of time will it need to get a visa?

Visa dealing with generally take 4 to 5 working days. Notwithstanding, this generally depends upon the concise convenience of required chronicles similarly as the social event of capability guidelines.

What might be said about visa application charge?

To get some information about your visa application charge or inspect any visa-related inquiry, call our development experts on 80072962 or email to We’ll rapidly respond to your requests on visa.

Is it doable for me to follow the circumstance with my visa application?

Upon the productive balancing of the visa application structure, You can similarly interface with our visa experts to know your visa application status.

Is visa charge limited if my application is excused?

This is inconceivable, as the relocation authority don’t award for the excused visa applications.

Would I have the option to know the clarification of visa excusal?

The development subject matter experts, most likely, don’t uncover the reasons behind the refusal of a visa, however at this point and again it may get reason from Immigration.

What is the technique for tolerating visa?

At the point when your visa is readied, it will be stepped on your ID.